Aniko is as much a teacher as she is a personal trainer. Kind and understanding, but a real hardball when I was slacking! She gave me all the tools I needed to carry on and continue getting fit without causing myself injury. I owe her so much for helping me get started with my healthy lifestyle!
— Elizabeth, London

When I first decided to get fit I didn’t know who to turn to for advice, I didn’t have any help & was more than likely doing the wrong things, I have a broken back, so most exercises are not easy for me, that’s when I decided to ask Aniko, I knew she was a personal trainer & unlike all the others I had approached she took the time to listen to what I could & couldn’t do, she was professional in every sense of the word & managed to set me out a routine which works for me, now I enjoy working out & getting fit, I would recommend Aniko to anyone, I’ve lost a lot of weight (6 stones to be exact!) & will lose more thanks to her carefully set out workout plan & exercise routine that I can do any time of the day to fit in with my busy schedule, thank you Aniko for all you’ve done to help me get in shape when others gave up on me.
— Adam, Colchester

Aniko is by far one of the best personal trainers that I have ever had. Always professional, on time, never takes phone calls during my sessions and keeps the sessions interesting and varied. She has a great ability to judge my mood and energy levels and base the intensity of our sessions around that. Aniko motivates me to work hard and stay focused on reaching my goals (one stone in 3 weeks… 21lbs to go). Most of all, Aniko is fun and easy company… if you are looking to a female personal trainer, then look no further, You won’t find a better one anywhere else!
— Stephanie, London