How to burn the most body fat in the shortest time is something that everyone wants to find a shortcut for. Unfortunately, there isn’t a shortcut but you can change the way you eat and work out to maximise fat loss.

The kings of fat burning is the famous HIIT / TABATA workouts. Both of these workout methods are very intense but you will only be doing them for a short amount of time, between 15 – 25 mins.

The benefits of these type of training are endless.

Why continuous, steady state cardio can be boring and can last forever, HIIT and TABATA are varied in exercises and it is everything but boring.

These workouts can be done by using simply your body weight or can add other types of equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells for more intensity. Obviously, this means that while steady state cardio is good for your cardiovascular system and helps your endurance, HIIT and TABATA do all that plus helps you get toned in a shorter and more effective way.

I will also have to mention strength training when talking about fat burning. Strength training is also a great way to get lean as more muscle mass means less body fat.

When thinking of strength training for fat burn, you should traim big muscle groups and add extra resistance. For example, training legs with dumbbells or a weighted barbell is a great way, not just to tone your legs and gain strength, but also to burn body fat.


Plyometric exercises are also a great way to maximise fat burn. Plyometric exercises are burpees, jump squats, jump lunges, box jumps, tuck jump, frog jump and so on. Basically, anything that includes a jump or when you have to shift your body weight against gravity.

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