A business to help you get healthy, fit and feel great!


My name is Aniko and I am the founder of Canada Water Personal Training (CW-PT).

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and as a child, I was always very attracted to sports and loved anything to do with it. My mother wasn’t very athletic or neither had interest in sports but for me it was the one thing that I loved doing day and night. I’ve done a bit of track & field, participated in cross country races, played in a professional women football team and also regularly took part in basketball, handball and volleyball training and competitions.

While still in school, I tried to stay as active as possible, however after I finished my scholastic years, I was forced to find a job at the age of 18; health and fitness became irrelevant.

It was not until I moved from Hungary to Italy at the age of 20, that I started doing a bit of running again. I even did a trial session for a local female football team, which made me realise how unfit I was becoming but I did nothing to change it. Partly because I wasn’t motivated enough and partly because I didn’t have any guidance.

At the age of 24, I moved from Milan to London, where I started doing some more running, because I wanted my body to look healthier. I did see some change, but I didn’t look the way I imagined I would. That’s when my colleague suggested me to come to the gym with her one day.

When we were in the gym, I was quite conscious about my body. As I had very little idea of what I should be doing in the gym, my friend suggested a couple of exercises like squats and some dumbbell movements to me. The next day, they all made my body feel really sore but they also made me feel good despite the pain. I just knew from that moment, that if I wanted to improve my body, I would need to be more regular with training, so I joined the gym

A few days after joining, I witnessed a personal trainer work with his client and I realised that this was something I also wanted to do.

Soon enough I was attending my Level 2 Fitness Instructor course (the first step to become a PT), then completed the Level 3 Personal Training course and found a job in a low cost gym. By this time I realised that I don’t want to be like the rest of the trainers, I want to stand out and I want to do that by offering more to my future clients. In the next couple of years, I have also expanded my knowledge and became a Level 3 GP Referral (this means, that I can train people who have certain medical conditions, like asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight problems etc.) and ended up specialising in Low Back Pain Management and gaining the Level 4 LBP Management qualification.

Working in a gym was great, but I felt, I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. While cleaning the gym floor and responding to phone enquiries were part of my job,I really wanted to focus more on helping people get fit so I quit my job to create Canada Water Personal Training.

My business was born in mid 2014 and initially, it was only offering in-person personal training, in the Canada Water/Rotherhithe area. Thanks to the interest and technology, I can now also offer remote training, which allows me to reach out to more people and help them become fitter and healthier.

I aim to provide quality sessions to my clients, bringing effective, fun and knowledge based plans for each time I see them.

I can help with weight loss, muscle gain, can improve your running speed and running distance, we can also work on your mobility and flexibility, your core strength and much more!

I also offer partner or couple training, so you can bring your partner with you, or friend, family member, co-worker or anyone you like.

Hope to hear from you soon :)