What are the Benefits of Online Coaching?


Your online personal trainer will take you accountable for your workouts. 

What would happen if you miss a workout without having an online coach? Nothing. 

However, when you have an online trainer that you paid for,  you would have to email him/her that you blew off a workout he/she programmed for you. Nobody wants to have to send that email.

The value lies in having to answer to somebody. The value lies in having somebody to call you on your BS when you’re slacking.

Only then will you be consistent with diet and exercise. Consistency is a main ingredient for getting results.

Investing in accountability will get you just that.

Access to Expertise

Having access to a quality source of information is also vital. You won’t have to worry about “whether carbs are bad or not” or “what time of day is best to work out.”

You can shoot your online trainer an email and quickly find out. No more scouring the internet for an article with “the truth,” only to find a contradicting article just minutes later.

This will save you time, energy, and wasted efforts. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and say, “just tell me what to do.”


Say you have a meal plan. Dinner calls for 4 oz of chicken, 1/2 cup of green beans, and 1 cup of jasmine rice. But your friend invited you out for drinks.

“What do I do!?”

Everybody knows what to do when things are going exactly to plan. But what do you do when things aren’t going how you expect? What if you’re at a cookout, or a college reunion? What if you won’t have access to a gym?

An online trainer can be an easily accessible resource for telling you how to adjust to an environment or circumstance.

We all know things don’t go according to plan, all the time.

Exercising On Your Own Time

Somewhere in the origins of personal training, somebody decided that sessions had to be an hour. While an hour is a perfectly fine amount of time to work out… what if it’s not?

What if the “perfect” workout for you is 27 minutes? What if it’s 85 minutes?

Tough crap… in most cases, you have to book an hour.

“Fine, I’ll book it. When are you free to meet for a session, Sam?”

“I can do Thursday or Friday between 1PM and 3:30PM.”

“But I’m only free 12PM-1PM.”

With online training, that problem is gone. You exercise on your own time, without A) forcing the session to be exactly 60 minutes or B) working your schedule around somebody else’s.

More Affordable

For in-person training you are like to pay around £40 - 45/ session.

  • 2 sessions/week would cost ~ £450/mo
  • 3 sessions/week would cost ~ £650/mo
  • 4 sessions/week would cost - £900/mo

With Online Coaching you are looking to pay from £49/month.

Assuming you’re a good fit for online training, you’re getting the same results as in-person training, for a fraction of the cost.

Location Isn’t a Limiting Factor

Let's say you are searching for a trainer and the one you really like is just way too far away from you. 

You would never be able to access his knowledge and coaching due to the distance, however with online personal training, your trainer can write your exercise program, critique your form when you send training videos, and answer whatever questions you have.

You’re no longer limited to the options within 10 miles of your home. Now, you can work with the best trainers across the country.





How Does It Work?

Initial Consultation

Prior to everything, there will be an initial consultation. This consultation is necessary to establish your fitness goals and to discover your fitness and nutrition history. This is also a perfect time to talk about any present or past injuries and/or medical conditions you may have. 

The consultation can be done by email, phone, text message or we can even use the live chat provided on my website. 

Weekly Routines and Check-ins

Once the consultation has been done, I will begin working on your weekly fitness programme that will be tailored for your goals. I will send it to you within a few days after the consultation took place. 

Once you received your programme, you can begin completing the workouts when it best suits you. At the end of the week (we can decide about the day together) we will have a regular "check-in" to see how you got along with the programme. This can be done by calls, emails or messages. 

If you have a question before our agreed "check-in" time, you are more than welcome to message me anytime.



As a personal trainer, I have a great understanding of nutrition and I am more than happy to provide you with advice and guidance. 

I am happy to calculate what your macronutrients should be, and provide you with this information, along with a spreadsheet, where you will be able to track everything you eat. 


Progress Checks

Progress checks are a great way to keep you motivated and to see how the programme is working for you. 

This can be done at any time but best done every 2 - 4 weeks.

The way progress can be tracked is by the traditional methods like using the scale or measuring waist and hip circumference and body fat, however shortly after starting the programme, you will probably start feeling your body tighter and you will start seeing your muscles more shaped and toned. Your clothes will become loser and you will start feeling to have more energy in general. 

These are all signs of progress.


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