Know Your Abs

Do You Know Your Abs

Your abdominal is made up of several muscle groups: the rectus abdominis, the external and internal obliques and the transverse abdominis.

Here is a little Ab-Anatomy

 Muscles of the abdominal wall

Your abs in the front and your lower back together make up the core. Here are some important information about your core:

1. The core is a link between your upper and lower body.
2. Your core stabilises your body during almost every movement, like when you band or run or even when you throw or jump.
3. Your core protects your body during extreme exertion, like when you are lifting something heavy.


Things you need to do in order to get your abs showing

1. Eat the right food and know how much food you need.
2. Exercise! If you have lots of body fat, you will need to include cardio sessions into your routine. When doing any core exercises do between 8-15 reps.

5 examples of core exercises

When you performing any core exercise, make sure that you are engaging your core. Keep the belly button in and breath continuously.

Sit Up
sit upsMake sure your back is rounded and you sit all the way up. Keep you stomach in at all time.






Leg Raises


Lay flat on the ground. Support your lower back with your arms and keep your legs straight. Raise your legs up to 90 degrees, then lower them without touching the ground.





Bicycle Crunches

bicycle crunches

Keep your back on the ground and only lift your shoulders. Move right elbow to left knee and extend right leg, then left elbow to right knee and extend left leg. Keep the stomach engaged.






Swiss Ball Pass Off


For this exercise you will need a Swiss ball or if you don’t have a Swiss ball you can use a 1kg medicine ball.

Put the ball between your leg, then raise it to 90 degrees. Crunch up and grab the ball. Extend your body, then crunch up and put the ball between your legs.

Keep your core engaged and don’t let your lower back come up from the ground.








Stomach needs to be engaged. Important not to let your lower back arch. Keep body a straight line.





Of course there are lots of other exercises out there and mixing them up a little is always good. A strong core also prevents low back pain.

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