3 Common Mistakes People Make in The Gym

Exercise is good for us and it’s recommended by our doctors, physicians and even nutritionists. It’s not a secret that it has many positive effects on our minds and bodies; from weight loss, to stronger heart and improved lunge capacity, to fitting into clothes better and feeling generally fitter and healthier. Exercise helps us become physically stronger by making our muscles and joints stronger.

However exercise done incorrectly could have the opposite effects on the body and may result in getting an injury. A heavy object lifted incorrectly could cause low back pain or a badly performed squat could result in knee problems.

Here are the 3 most common mistakes, people make in the gym.

Bad Technique

good and bad

Wether you are performing a squat, lifting a barbell or even doing sit ups, technique is everything. You could be squatting with bad form, deadlifting too much weight (or even too little) or doing sit ups with straight back. Performing these exercises with bad form, not only won’t improve your body but it could cause you an injury.

If unsure on what exercise to do and how to perform it correctly simply send me a message here. 



Whatever workout method you decide to use in order to burn fat, you will need to work on an adequate intensity. Doing low intensity on any given cardio machine for a short time, will be unlikely to burn much body fat. Low intensity, short cardio exercises are great for warm ups! If you really want to burn some serious amount of fat and lose weight, I would recommend doing interval training. Get in touch if you need more advice on this subject.

Mix It Up

mix it up

Many people do the same workout routines every time they are in the gym. Here is why it’s important to mix it up.

  1. You will avoid plateau.
  2. Boosts your metabolism.
  3. Your muscles need time to repair itself.
  4. Burnout prevention.




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